Q: What is the best lesson you have learned through chess?

A: The best lesson I have learned through chess is through this one quote, “At the end of the game the King and pawn go back into the same box,” this teaches us a lesson that no matter what your status or class live your life as best you can.

Q: Who is your favorite chess player?

A: Without any doubt I would say Mikhail Tal for his very aggressive and powerful playing style sacrificing pieces left and right. Even when he gets into a position where he is up a piece he would use it to sacrifice!

Q: What is your most memorable chess moment?

A: I would say my most memorable chess moment would be when I placed fourth place in a tournament when I was in my youth. I was waiting for my chance to play against my opponent but they never called my name. After a while I went to the director and they said that I had lost! They gave me another chance by letting me play against the person in fourth place. Not only did I have to play him, I had to play him twice and win both rounds....which I managed to do! 

Q: What is your favorite chess opening?

A: My favorite chess opening is one I recently picked up...the King’s Gambit! It is very aggressive and can lead to quick victories if the opponent is not well versed. Along with King’s Gambit, I also enjoy the Italian Game.

  Coach David

  Coach Reneesh

It was when I was in the third grade that I first learned how to play chess. Although I was aware of the game, I didn’t have much knowledge previously. My third grade teacher, took an hour of schooling to teach us and I was very happy to learn and I was able to quickly grasp concept. In this time I was amazed by chess and started to go to tournaments, winning trophies here and there. After elementary school I took a short break and finally picked it up again in high school through the chess club program offered at our school. Ever since then I play almost daily with my family, online, or against a computer, which has helped me improve my game drastically.

I am excited to help all students at the NTCA starting in 2018!

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